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Christian Education at Advent

Advent offers Cristian Education opportunities for all ages!

Changes to Sunday School

This year, we're implementing a new Sunday School curriculum "Living Word," designed to improve Biblical literacy in our children. Each week, we'll explore a new Bible story. At the start of each Sunday, we’ll gather in the Fellowship Hall for prayers and songs. Then students will proceed to their classroom for the lesson, crafts and snack. At the end of class, parents should pick up their children in the classroom. This year, we're sending home a devotional with the children, so you can pray with them and discuss the Bible story. We hope to see your family in Sunday school!

Adult Bible Studies

Advent offers many Sunday morning adult Bible studies: Other Opportunities for Personal Growth (OOPS) -- meets in the Youth Room at 9:05 am. The OOPS are learning from a video Bible study by Andy Stanley titled "5 Things God Uses." Bible in the Big Room (BIB) -- meets in the Preschool Assembly Room at 9:05 am. "Here I Stand" -- Led by Chaplain John Connelly, meets in the Preschool Assembly Room at 11:15 am. This study follows the confirmation class curricula. Although initially designed for parents of confirmands, any adult is welcome to attend.

Youth Activities

Advent has three active youth groups - the KiCK, the CIA and EPIC. Each group has their own facebook group to assist with planning and coordinating, so please request access to the group if you are interested in participating. Not sure which group you should attend events with? The grade you will be in when school starts in the fall, is where you should be for the summer. So, if you are entering 6th grade in the fall, you are now part of the CIA group. If you are entering 9th grade in the fall, then you're now up with the EPIC group.

While each group has events that are specific to their groups, we also do events together, so please be sure that you're checking in the group and with the main events page for combined activities. See you soon!

The KiCK Kids in Christ's Kingdom

Elementary Youth

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Stephanie Holley

The CIA Christians In Action

6th-8th Grade

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Andrea and JR Redlitz

EPIC Youth Eternally Placed in Christ

9th-12th Grade and beyond!

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Janet Dechman, Christina White, Matt Dews

Have Additional Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

If you have any questions about youth activities, you can contact Brenda LaBranche or any member of the Youth Board. If you would like to discuss Christian Education, you can contact Kerry Underwood or any member of the Education Board. The church office will be happy to assist you in contacting any of these board members.

Sundays at Advent

Sunday School: 9:05am

Nursery: 9am-12:15pm

Prayer Time

Each Wednesday at 12:00 noon in the Sanctuary

Bible Study

  • Thursdays at 10:45am in the Fellowship Hall


The purpose of our preschool is to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth which leads to the development of the child as a whole.

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